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Lisbon Solar Potential Map

The Lisbon Solar Potential Map was promoted by Lisboa E-Nova under the european Project POLIS - Identification and Mobilization of Solar Potentials Via Local Strategies  and developed by Municipia Energy .
Lisbon Solar Potential Map, available online via Google Maps application, covers all the buildings in Lisbon. It allows the identification of the preferable areas to invest in solar technologies and represents an efficient awareness tool, both for local authorities, investors and companies and citizens.

The figure caption presents 4 classes of solar availability on the building covers and the value below 1000 W/m2.ano is represented in blue and the value exceeding 1600W/m2.ano is represented in red. For each building is possible to know which areas are available on the cover depending the solar availability class (the areas shown are total areas).



The following figures shows an additional information - the estimated productivity per m2 of solar thermal and photovoltaic exposed to different levels of incident radiation.

NOTE - This tool works on all browsers, however for reasons of compatibility with the functionality of the Solar Potential Map with Google Maps, it is recommend to use the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.