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Project “Escola+” - Energy Efficiency Promotion in Primary Schools


The “Escola+ project” - Energy Efficiency Promotion in Primary Schools - ( is currently being implemented during the academic year 2014-2015, in 20 schools in the Municipality of Lisbon (10 public schools, 7 private schools and 3 Social Solidarity Private Institutions).

The main objectives of this project are to raise awareness on energy efficiency in schools, to promote behaviour change and achieve effective electric consumption reductions in the short, medium and long term, covering the participation of the entire school community. To encourage this objective, an “Inter-School Competition” is promoted, covering electricity consumption continuous monitoring of the 20 participating schools, as well as work development in the classroom to match the 4 challenges proposed throughout the year.

“Escola+ project” is based on the combination of continuous raising awareness actions and the use of three main types of technological tools in order to monitor and analyse electricity consumption.

The technological tools used, directed to different members of the school community, are:

1) “EnerEscolas” Platform - multimedia interactive application developed for primary school students, which operates a metering system installed at the school, as well as indoor environmental variables (temperature, relative humidity and CO2 content), and offers games, video, trivia, and several information about energy;

2) “Remote Manager” methodology, teachers and staff oriented, through which are produced monthly reports on measure implementation affecting the school electrical invoice;

3) Telemetry equipment installation (Kit Cloogy®) in residences of teachers and parents, complete with a support system with reports on the consumption evolution, developed by Lisboa E-Nova.

Participation is free and the schools also benefit from the installation of a laptop computer and an LCD display that is installed in an area of good visibility and free access, allowing students, teachers, parents and staff, to view real-time, electric consumption of the schools and their evolution as well as the other variables monitored (temperature, relative humidity and CO2).

During the project year, intensive support and monitoring by the promoters of the initiative is provided. This is ensured mainly through a teacher who was hired specifically to promote regular interactive training sessions to students (monthly minimum), but also for teachers and parents.

The results of the competition are dependent of two main components: 1) energy savings achieved by comparing the electrical consumption of the school year 2014-2015 (per pupil) with the previous school year consumption; 2) and matching the 4 challenges proposed throughout the year.

The three winning schools will receive, in addition, educational and scientific kits containing equipment in order to explore the theme of energy efficiency.

Funded by the Regulatory Authority for Energy Services (ERSE) program, PPEC 2013-2014, this project is being promoted by Lisboa E-Nova (Lisbon’s Municipal Energy and Environmental Agency) in partnership with the Portuguese SME ISA Energy and with the support of Lisbon Municipality.



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Participating schools

Private Schools:

Externato de São José
Colégio Cesário Verde
Externato Marista de Lisboa
Externato do Parque
Academia de Música de Santa Cecília
Colégio Valsassina
Externato das Pedralvas

Social Solidarity Private Institutions:

Jardim-Escola João de Deus Estrela
Jardim - Escola João de Deus dos Olivais
Jardim Escola João de Deus Alvalade

Public Schools:

EB Bairro do Armador
EB1 Padre José Manuel Rocha e Melo
EB Jorge Barradas
EB1 Alta de Lisboa
EB do Lumiar – Alto da Faia
EB Prof José Salvado Sampaio
EB1 S. José
EB1 Rosa Lobato Faria
EB Homero Serpa
EB Infante D. Henrique

Schools Location

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