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Convenant of Mayors

The Convenant of Mayors is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities in the fight against climate change. It is based on a voluntary commitment by signatories to meet and exceed the EU 20% CO2 reduction objective through increased energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources.

What does it say?

“We, the mayors, commit to: Go beyond the objectives set by the EU for 2020, reducing the CO2 emissions in our respective territories by at least 20%, through the implementation of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan for those areas of activity relevant to our mandates.”

In the following link it is possible to read The Convenant of Mayors Text:

Why Lisboa E-Nova joined the Convenant of Mayors?

- Political commitment by Lisbon's City Council;

- Lisboa E-Nova proposed the commitment due the Covenant's objectives although disagreeing of invoked arguments.

Lisbon’s Process in the Convenant of Mayors:

- December 2008: Decision to join

- February 2009: Participation in the official start ceremony in Brussels

- October 2009: deadline deferment due to municipal elections

- March 2010: formal collaboration agreement between the City Council and Lisboa E-Nova

- April 2010: CO2 Emissions Inventory submitted

- June 2010: Sustainable Energy Action Plan submitted

Start Date: March 2010



Câmara Municipal de Lisboa       


Documents of the Project:

Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Lisbon (Portuguese)

Oficial Hymn of the Convenant of Mayors


Communication and dissemination actions:

Organized by Lisboa E-Nova: 


Presentation Subject "A Estratégia Energético-Ambiental para Lisboa e o Pacto de Autarcas"

Speakers: José Sá Fernandes e José Delgado Domingos

Presentation Subject:"Políticas de Eficiência Energética aplicadas no Município de Lisboa"

Speakers: José Sá Fernandes (CML), Miguel Águas (Lisboa E-Nova) e Mark Deputer (Teatro Maria Matos)



News about the Project: 

"António Costa participou na reunião "Pacto de Autarcas""

"Lisboa vai reduzir tempo de iluminação de monumentos"


Oficial Hymn of the Convenant of Mayors: