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Remote Management - Electricity Consumption

In Municipal buildings, buildings from Lisboa E-Nova Associated Members or other entities, Lisboa E-Nova promotes the remote management project. The objective of this project is to monitor the electricity consumption patterns from buildings electrically supplied in medium voltage (which can access EDP’s telemetry data), analyze the energy consumption profiles and present/discuss the results with the building manager in order to identify intervention opportunities at the energy management system. Remote Management promotes a better management of the building and the adequacy to electricity tariffs.

The methodology of the Remote Management is the following:
- Clarification of the objectives of the Entity involved;
-  Reception and processing of invoices and loads diagram of the last 12 months;
- Introduction of this information in the model calculation and production of a report (without recommendations);
-  Technical visit to the facility submitting the report. After the visit the recommendations are inserted and the report is concluded;
- Monthly, the entity involved sends the invoice and the loads diagram of the last month, and Lisboa E-Nova responds with the full monthly report, and is ready for any technical clarification.


Partners: Associated Members of Lisboa E-Nova, other entities