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Inteligent Monitor for Efficient Decisions

This Project, developed under the National PPEC - Plan for Promoting Efficiency in Electricity Consumption 2011-2012, aims to promote the improvement of efficiency in electricity consumption through the awareness of users for their electricity consumption by providing information in real time, and also including raising awareness and dissemination of good practice in energy efficiency.

This Project promotes dwellers behavioral change through the installation of telemetry systems that allow the visualization of the electricity consumption profile via local displays and internet platforms (250 residences, in 10 buildings and services). 250 dwellings will be in this study and a special effort will be developed in support to consumers based on analysis of personal consumption profile.


- Project FIREBALL - Future Internet Research and Experimentation By Adopting Living Labs towards Smart Cities


- Project APOLLON - Advanced Pilots of Living Labs Operating in Networks 

- Project Remote Management - Electricity Consumptions

Stard date and durantion: 2nd Semester 2011, 18 months

Partners: ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, LM-IT, SCUITCH, EDP Serviço Universal


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