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Portugal, 2019, 
3:34, 3D digital animation


Synopsis | “The Sun is the source of life. Baby Solis discovers it with the help of his Sunflower. Thanks to this discovery, his family starts to make the most of Lisbon’s solar potential, and he shows us how to do it!”

Executive Production | Lisboa E-Nova

Written and directed by | Marina Lobo

Scientific and pedagogical design and coordination | Lisboa E-Nova

Production | aToca Digital animation

Promoter | Lisboa E-Nova

Partnership | Municípia

Co-financing | Fundo Ambiental

Support | Lisbon City Council

Concept art / Drawing of characters / Story board / Layout 3D /Texturing / Render/ Lighting / Edition| Marina Lobo

Object design / modeling / shading| Marina Lobo and Ricardo Pais

Rigging/ Skinning | Marina Lobo and Nuno Félix

Animation | Sérgio Dias Produção

Audio Production | Buggin Media

Original Mix | André Neto

Mixture and Sonoplasty | José Caeiro

The “Gira Solis” is a short, animated film for dissemination through digital media and cultural facilities, promoted by Lisbon E-Nova.

Co-financed by the Environmental Fund, its main objective is to promote the use of solar energy, providing examples and raising awareness for the everyday use of this energy source.

With approximately 3.34 minutes, it is available for viewing and free download. It’s an educational resource available to all.”

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