Lisboa E-Nova

Lisboa E-Nova – Energy and Environment Agency of Lisbon is a private non-profit association whose purpose is to promote the sustainable development of Lisbon and its metropolitan area.

By incorporating measures to adapt to climate change and actions to mitigate it, as well as supporting innovation and the development of projects that enable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to be reduced, Lisboa E-Nova is working towards achieving a low carbon city and one that is less vulnerable to the effects of the future climate. A city that is an example to follow on the path to decarbonization, while focusing on the welfare of the citizen and future generations. Lisboa E-Nova is a key player in the city in the pursuit of national and international energy and climate goals for 2030 and 2050, and is active in four broad areas:


Lisboa E-Nova develops projects with a sustainable and resilient future in mind, acting as an active element in the operationalization and transformation of the city, citizens, and the local economy.

The Strategic Guidelines (Energy, Water, Circular Economy, and Data Science) contribute to the Agency’s activities in the areas of mitigation and adaptation to climate change and the leverage of new ideas and products within a “green” development concept, thus promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.


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