SUSHI – SUStainable HIstoric city districts

The SUSHI project stems from a holistic approach to facing common challenges that have already been identified in historic districts of six cities in five countries: Lisbon (PT), Valletta (MT), Savona (IT), Ptuj (SI), Nicosia (CY), and Sassari (IT). With the idea of sharing, the project will adopt a common structure to identify opportunities for innovation, which will accelerate the learning process and transform historic districts into sustainable and lively districts. The key concept of SUSHI is to place sustainable development at the heart of the districts’ transformation to become the local driving force, adopting integrated approaches instead of isolated challenges.

The main objective of SUSHI is to make the districts more sustainable, resistant to climate and inclusive, through social change and innovative integrated solutions. Through a participative process involving stakeholders, it will supply tried and tested solutions throughout the innovation chain, namely: mobility and accessibility, local economic development and tourism, housing and buildings, circular systems and nature-based solutions, communications and progress monitoring, community participation, business models and financial platform, urban planning, governance and partnerships. Over the course of the 28 months, the partners will develop a Vision for an Agenda and an Agenda for a Plan that is able to trigger changes in these historic districts. SUSHI will enable the creation of potentially replicable models for implementation and long-term operations, in a learning process that will be of use to other cities.

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Climate Kic SSD – Smart Sustainable Districts


September 2018


28 months


Lisboa E-Nova


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