EUCLID – Euro-med Community for Green Living Areas

Sustainable development and management of living zones are essential for the quality of life of Mediterranean inhabitants. However, as observed in recent years, our Green Living Areas are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, which are becoming more severe and frequent.

It is, therefore, crucial to address the negative impacts caused by the expansion of urban areas, which are detrimental to human health and the environment, including air pollution, energy consumption, mobility, segregation, stratification, and more.

The Institutional Governance Dialogue project EUCLID is developed within the scope of the Promoting Green Living Areas Mission of the INTERREG Euro-MED Program. Its objective is to support effective cooperation among all participants and stakeholders in the Program’s missions, optimize conditions for the transfer and integration of project results into practices and public policies to enhance governance within and beyond the Program’s area.

Main areas of action:

– Identification of public stakeholders, public policies, and coordination potential.

– Promotion of exchange among different institutional layers and support for the sharing and transfer of experiences.

– Improvement of strategic coordination at the national, European, and Mediterranean levels with key political stakeholders.

The activities carried out over the 7 years will enable the creation of a strong knowledge network, which will gradually grow both by increasing the number of involved actors and by expanding the scope of its actions, with the goal of establishing a Euro-Mediterranean Green Living Areas working community with results aligned with European targets for 2030.

Visit the project’s page here.

Fields of Action

January 2023

EC Funding
3 999 367,44 €

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