Automated, Transparent Citizen-Centric Public Policy Making based on Trusted Artificial Intelligence

The increasing availability of data and the new and different approaches on the standard decision-making process allows obtaining more accurate information and solutions.

The AI4PublicPolicy Project intends to unveil the potential of AI – artificial intelligence – in the automation, transparency and development of public policies, citizen-centric, that allow better decisions at financial level, namely regarding the use of public resources in the renovation of buildings and energy use.

Lisbon is part of the project as one of the 5 pilots, with the objective of testing public policies for energy efficiency based on relevant data, such as climate, building characteristics and energy consumption. It is also intended to make use of AI algorithms to support the monitoring process of the city’s sustainable energy strategy.

The project has 15 participants and is led by GFT ITALIA SRL. Lisboa E-Nova is responsible for the Lisbon pilot and the associated case studies.

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Fields of Action

April 2021

EC Funding
2 000,000€

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