BICI – Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure

Lisbon was one of the 10 cities out of 275 competing from around the world, recognized by the BICI program, Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure, sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Global Designing Cities Initiative (GDCI).

The BICI project in Lisbon aims to expand, enhance, and make the city’s cycling network more inclusive, all while involving the community in its development. The Lisbon BICI project aims to improve school connections by enhancing the connectivity of the city’s cycling network, with the goal of increasing bicycle mode share for home-to-school commutes and more.

The work to be carried out aligns with the Sustainable Urban Mobility strategy of the Lisbon City Council, contributing to the CO2 emissions reduction targets established in the 2030 Climate Action Plan and to Lisbon’s participation goals in the Mission for Smart and Climate-Neutral Cities by 2030.

Lisboa E-Nova provided technical support for the application and promotes the development of the Lisbon BICI project in its work, with the aim of fostering social engagement and clean, healthy mobility in the city and among school communities.

GDCI is a non-profit organization affiliated with Bloomberg Philanthropy Advisors and is a leading international entity specialized in supporting high-impact global projects and strategic philanthropic initiatives. Its mission is to transform streets worldwide. GDCI invites communities to imagine what’s possible when designing streets that prioritize people.

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BICI, Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure

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BICI – Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure

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