The inteGRIDy project – Integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization & Storage Technologies – was an integrated project within the H2020 Program, involving the participation of 30 European partners and led by the Spanish consulting firm ATOS. The goal was to develop a platform that would facilitate and optimize operations within a distribution network, using energy storage technologies and renewable energy sources. To achieve this, 10 small-scale (buildings) and large-scale (city/region) application examples were studied to provide the platform with diverse data.

In Lisbon, at the Municipal Services Building of Campo Grande, the Portuguese case study was conducted. This pilot aimed to assess and optimize the impact of installing photovoltaic solar panels, electric vehicle charging, and energy storage in ice tanks on the building’s energy consumption, integrating them into an intelligent system that allowed for efficient management.

Lisboa E-Nova led the management of the Portuguese case study, with collaboration from Virtual Power Solutions (VPS) in the technological aspect, Energia Simples (an electricity retailer) in the input of the national electrical system and modeling of systems with dynamic tariff applications, and the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) in the analysis of business models implemented with the pilot. The case study also received support and external collaboration from the Lisbon City Council, which owns and manages the building.

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