Let’s Go Circular – Paving the Way for a Circular Transition of Cities

This project aims to discuss concrete and relevant actions that contribute territorially to the transition towards a more circular economic systems in cities.

Let’s Go Circular recognizes the importance of Circularity in achieving a sustainable, fair, green, and productive transition and will focus on developing Integrated Circular Economy Action Plans for the 10 cities that make up the URBACT LET’S GO CIRCULAR network.

At the local level, by establishing a Planning Group for Lisbon, involving all relevant partners collaboratively and inclusively, the project also aims to address issues related to a robust circular transition and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change.

The main steps in this process, already identified, include:

  1. Embedding circular principles in city administration (specifically in promoting sustainable construction, more circular public procurement procedures, improving raw material efficiency, and subsequently reducing waste production and wastage).
  2. Industry and commerce (improving value chain efficiency, promoting sustainable and durable products, and resource conservation).
  3. Civil society (raising awareness among the population and organizations to bring about behavioral changes related to consumption, mobility, and sharing).

Lisboa E-Nova is the official partner of the city of Lisbon within the URBACT network, working in close collaboration with the City Council in the process of facilitating and creating the Action Plan.

URBACT is a European program for learning and exchanging experiences in promoting sustainable urban development.

You can find here more information about the program.


24 months

Project Page
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Munique (DE)
Lisboa (PT)
Malmö (SE)
Granada (ES)
Guimarães (PT)
Corfu (GR)
Tirana (AL)
Oulu (FI)

Fields of Action

June 2023

EC Funding
849730,1 €

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